Ebola concerns spread in Basra, the Iraq Department of Health confirms no casualties

Representational file photo.

Basra (IraqiNews.com) The citizens of Basra expressed their fears of the spread of Ebola disease, while the Iraqi Department of Health denied registration of any infections among the citizens of the province.

One of the Iraqi workers in the foreign oil companies in Basra, who asked not to be identified, informed IraqiNews.com that there are a number of foreign employees who came from countries where the disease Ebola is spreading; they are currently working in the oil companies and  may be infected by the disease.

He added “Many workers in the foreign companies are arrivals from Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Gabon and the rest of West Africa. All of these countries recorded many casualties among its citizens,” noting that the mixing during the work between Basra workers and the foreigners may cause transmitting the disease and thus spreading it in the province.

For his part, the Director of the Department of Public Health in the Department of Health of Basra, Dr Ziad Tarek Makki denied registering any injury among the citizens in the province.

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