HRC to observe violations in women prisons

HRC to observe violations in women prisons

Baghdad ( Member of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee Baha al-Araji revealed the intention of the Committee to summon the Minister of Justice and the those in charge of prisons in case the violations in women prison were proved.

Araji reported in statement to on Monday ”The parliamentary committee decided to form a committee during the next two days to be acquainted with the situation in the women detentions and even make interviews with some prisoners,” threatening ”To expose all the facts to the Parliament in case the abuses were proved.”

”The Parliamentary Committee will hold the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior responsible in case it discovered any violations inside women prisons,” he added.

“Though, the Iraqi prisons are not good enough and the people in charge of these prisons are not professional but that does not mean we allow any abuses on it,” MP Araji concluded. \

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