Iraqi court sentences 3 French nationals to death for joining Islamic State

Islamic State militants. File photo.

Baghdad ( – An Iraqi court has sentenced three French nationals to death by hanging for joining the Islamic State terrorist group, a court official said.

It is the first death sentence to be issued by an Iraqi court for French IS members in Iraq, the official told the press Sunday on condition of anonymity.

The trio was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria and handed over to Iraqi authorities in February. They were among at least 12 French nationals.

All the verdicts are subject to appeal.

Iraqi courts have sentenced many of Islamic State members, including a big number of foreign fighters, to death over joining the militant group.

The exact number of detained militants is still unknown, however, it’s estimated to be at thousands. It’s also unclear how many members are likely to face death sentences.

Human rights groups have always criticized collective death sentences issued by Iraqi courts, claiming that some detainees are tortured and threatened.

Experts estimate that Iraq is holding 20,000 people in jail over suspected IS membership. There is no official figure, according to AFP.

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