Iraqi FM meets senior NATO official on developing bilateral relations

Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed al-Hakim meets NATO Assistant Secretary General John Manza at the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad

Baghdad ( – Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed al-Hakim has reiterated his country’s keenness on maintaining relations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) over the coming period.

The top Iraqi diplomat made the remarks Sunday during a meeting with NATO Assistant Secretary General John Manza at the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad, his media office said in a statement.

Al-Hakim praised the role played by NATO forces in support of Iraq during the fight against Islamic State militants.

He also expressed pleasure at the resumption of NATO training courses in Iraq, which he said contribute to the reinforcement of the Iraqi troops’ combat skills.

Manza, meanwhile, extended thanks to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry for the services it provides for NATO forces to complete their military mission in the country.

He further stressed the need for strengthening relations between Baghdad and his alliance in the military and security fields.


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  1. What are NATO doing in IRAQ? Last time I looked, IRAQ was neither in EUROPE nor in AMERICA, and is nowhere near the ATLANTIC.

    They won’t give IRAQIS Visa to visit their countries, so why are we even entertaining his and his ilk.

    Kick the TURD & other WARMONGERS out of IRAQ..

  2. NATO is a terrorist Zionist entity that helped to destroy Iraq, Syria, and Libya and must be
    punished by means of economic measures. Iraqi government in Baghdad is Kurdish and
    is working to divide Iraq and create a greater Kurdistan in the region. Everyone must watch
    Baghdad government and scrutinize it’s methods and intentions. If anti-Arab then Kurdistan
    region must be eliminated.

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