Iraqi Journalists Assembly defends Iraq’s unity

Iraqi Journalists Assembly defends Iraq\

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Journalists Assembly confirmed that the attempts to divide the journalistic family will fail.The Head of the Iraqi Journalists Assembly, Muayad al-Lamy, mentioned in his speech during the Iraqi unity conference that was established by the assembly that ”The gathering of the Iraqi journalists is a clear message explains that Iraq is unified, ” stressing that ”This message is forwarded for all politicians who abandoned Iraq while the journalists offered many sacrifices during past years.””Some politicians tried to divide every thing in Iraq even the press, but, they will fail just like the previous attempts,” he added.Lami continued saying that ”I present me thanks for journalists in the world for supporting the Iraqi journalists, ” stressing that ”The Iraqi press is unified along Iraq to offer their opinions to service Iraq since it is much important than the politicians and Iraq will remain our home and our future.” \

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