Italy plans to send 450 soldiers to protect Mosul Dam from failure

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( Baghdad – Italian Prime Minister “Matteo Renzi” announced on Wednesday, that combat troops from his country are about to head to Iraq to participate in the confrontations with ISIS and the protection of Mosul Dam from failure, while noted that 450 soldiers will leave to Mosul after the Parliament approval.

Renzi was quoted by Kuwait News Agency “KUNA” as saying, “The Italian combat troops are about to head to Iraq to participate in the front lines of the confrontation with ISIS to protect the Mosul Dam.”

He added, “The dam, which witnessed long battles, is suffering from severe damage threatening of its failure, which will cause a disaster that will lead to the complete destruction of Baghdad,” indicating that, “Italy, which one of its companies won a bid to repair the dam, will be deploying, along with the United States, 450 soldiers to Mosul to protect the dam located on the Tigris River, a vital infrastructure of the country, after Parliament approval.”

Noteworthy the Ministry of Water Resources announced on more than one occasion during the past few years that the dam is not liable to failure, and that it continues to maintain it and fill its foundations with cement to prevent damages or appearance of cracks.

The dam located on the Tigris River is considered as the largest dam in Iraq and the fourth largest dam in the Middle East. It was inaugurated in 1986 and costed more than one billion dollars. The dam reaches a height of 113 meters and a length of about 3.4 km, while holds a vast lake behind it and a huge reservoir of about 8 billion cubic meters of water.


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  1. A dam needs engineering specialists to take care of it properly and its not just a matter of filling new holes and cracks with more cement.

  2. A German company built this dam and this same company says that the dam is unstable and needs major repairs. Now, it is important to note that the Mullah zombies, religious brain dead fanatics are not qualified to do the major repairs. There are intelligent Iraqi engineers who are capable but unfortunately they have to contend with all the corruption and stupidity that the Mullahs and their zombies create. To cover their corrupt and rotten to the core tracks, the Mullah’s such as Al Doper Sadr seek to project the threat as foreign intervention. Why doesn’t Iraqi news ask the king of dope how much he is being paid by Iran to betray Iraq’s true interests.

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