Jumaily defends herself against media

Jumaily defends herself against media

Baghdad ( MP Wehda al- Jumaily of the Iraqiya Slate accused certain websites of launching a media campaign against her.

She reported in press statement ”These websites attempt to tarnish my reputation by publishing words which I did not mention in my statements what irritated the members of Parliament and Iraqi people.”

MP Jumaily sent a statement from her personal mobile to websites and media outlets in which she criticized the security forces for participating in Husseini processions, stressing that ”The Commanding General of Armed Forces and the Defense Minister should punish senior security officers who participated or gave the permission to the elements of the Ministry of Interior to practice religious rituals which deprive military institutions of their professionalism and show them as being affiliated for one sect.”

The statement added ”MP Jumaily confirmed that she has good relations with all Iraqi sects,” demanding media outlets to ”Consider accuracy and credibility in reporting news.” \

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