Liberate Hawija before Mosul, demands Arabs of Kirkuk

Iraqi security forces.
Iraqi Forces. File Photo

( Kirkuk – Arabs of Kirkuk have resumed their call, made earlier, to accelerate the liberation of areas towards southern and western Kirkuk, which are still under ISIS control.

“They have demanded that the Hawija district, which lies 55 km west of Kirkuk, should be liberated before Mosul. And seeking the same, they have even urged the parliament to vote for their cause,” informed a well placed source in Kirkuk.

“They further stressed on the importance of safety of 15000 families who are besieged in these areas,” the source added.


“People of Hawija, al-Zab, al-Riyad, al-Abbasi and al-Rashad have spent over two years suffering under ISIS control of ISIS. Hawija and other occupied areas have witnessed execution and disappearance of over 7000 persons, including women and children,” the source concluded.

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