Najaf intellectuals, chieftains denounce Alwani’s sectarian statements

Najaf intellectuals, chieftains denounce Alwani\

Baghdad ( The chieftains and intellectuals of Najaf province organized a demonstration under the title of “The Friday of Mukhtar al-Thakafi” which started from Thawrat al-Ishreen Bridge of central Najaf city towards the old city of Najaf on Friday.

The media coordinator of the demonstration Haider al-Janabi mentioned to Iraqi News ( “The demonstrators wanted to respond to the bad statements launched by the Turkish Premier Reccep Tayeb Erdogan who considered the Shiite in Iraq as a minority and denounce the bad statements of MP Ahmed al-Alwani who attacked the Shiite in Iraq.”

“The demonstrators issued a statement in which they demanded the Iraqi Government and Parliament to have a strict stance against those who wish to create sectarian feelings among Iraqis or threaten Iraqi unity,” he concluded.

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