Official: Nineveh in need for one million housing units

Iraqi residents sell fruits and vegetables in front of a damaged building caused by fighting between the Iraqi military forces and Islamic State militants in western Mosul, Iraq June 5, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro – RTX39503

Nineveh ( Nineveh province needs one million housing units to make up for civilian residences destroyed during the war against the Islamic State, an official was quoted saying Friday.

Abdul-Karim Mohamed, head of the province’s investment service, said authorities plan to build one million housing units to shelter families whose homes were destroyed in more than eight months of military operations which ended last month with the recapture of the Islamic State’s largest base in Iraq: Mosul.

He said the province will support local investors eager to contribute to the scheme, adding that the  Real State Bank of Iraq had agreed to provide grants and loans worth IQD75 million to citizens to help rebuild their homes.

The war against IS in Mosul has displaced more than 900.000 people since the launch of security operations in October and until the declaration of victory over the militant group early July.

Besides the human loss, the war in Mosul and at encounters at other IS havens in Iraq, have caused serious damages to infrastructure and basic services.

Also in July Lise Grande, the United Nations’ human rights coordinator in Iraq, estimated the amount needed for reconstructing Mosul by more than one billion dollars.


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