Questionnaire: 74% of Iraqis refuse to cancel ration card

Questionnaire: 74% of Iraqis refuse to cancel ration card

Baghdad ( The Integrity Commission revealed the results of a questionnaire where most of the participants rejected the resolution of canceling the ration card and replacing it with financial sums.

The Integrity Commission reported in statement received by ( on Monday ”The Integrity commission has held a joint workshop with the Ministry of Trade, that was attended by the Chairman of the Integrity commission, Alaa Jewad Hamed, and his deputy as well as a cadre of the integrity commission and the Minister of Trade, Khairallah Babaker, to discuss a questionnaire carried out by the precaution department in the Integrity commission regarding the ration card and the performance of the state institutions related to it in order to discover and eliminate all obstacles that face the implementation of the ration card system.”

The report of the precaution department revealed that “The food distribution system of the ration card is an urgent case that consists of four basic materials flour, sugar, rise, oil and baby milk powder and the total Iraqis number covered with ration card system is above 34 million citizens,” pointing out that ”The cost of the food materials which have been delivered monthly to each person exceeds USD 12 while the financial allocations dedicated for ration card from the state budget 2012 reached more than USD (2,756) million only to purchase food materials for ration card.”

”The questionnaire showed that about 74,34% of people expressed their rejection to replace ration card with financial sums and 54,42% of people thought that there is a manipulation in ration card materials while 77,02% of people accept the idea to continue ration card distribution,” the statement concluded. \

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