Shahristani: Tuesday rains exceeds sewerage lines’ capacity

Shahristani: Tuesday rains exceeds sewerage lines\

Baghdad ( The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, stressed that the design capacity of the sewerage lines are designed to accommodate 6 million cubic meters per day while the rains that have fell, on last Tuesday, were very heavy that reached 36 cubic meters where Baghdad has not witnessed such rains since thirty years.

A statement by Baghdad Mayorship cited that “Shahristani and Baghdad Acting Mayor as well as other officials inspected, on ground, several residential areas to see the damages caused by the rains and oversee the efforts of draining the rainwater from the streets and residential areas.”

For his part, Baghdad Acting Mayor confirmed that “The Mayorship is going on mobilizing all its efforts and capabilities to complete the process of draining the rainwater in full.”

It is worth mentioning that Baghdad and several provinces witnessed on last Tuesday heavy rains lasted for several hours that led to drown the streets and residential areas.

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