Tens of Islamic State members killed, injured in Coalition airstrikes, east of Euphrates

Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia.

Baghdad ( The U.S.-led Coalition jets have carried out airstrikes against Islamic State locations, leaving tens of militants killed and injured, amid progress by the Syrian Democratic Forces, east of Euphrates.

In a statement,SDF said “militants attempted to carry out an an attack using four booby-trapped vehicles against our fighters, however, we managed to confront them and control one of the vehicles after the driver was killed.”

The coalition jets, according to the statement, “carried out ten airstrikes against the militants locations in east of Euphrates, leaving many of them killed and injured.”

The statement also indicated resuming its progress at al-Sousah village.It noted that the coalition artillery targeted four pockets for the militants, killing number of them without knowing the exact figures.However, SDF said troops controlled more regions after fierce confrontations, where 29 militants were killed.

The Islamic State’s last stronghold in east of Euphrates includes villages of al-Bagoz, Hajin, al-Shaafa, al-Sousah, Abu Khater and abul Hassan.

In September, each of the Coalition and SDF announced the launch of operations, east of Euphrates.
SDF controls 28 percent of the Syrian lands, becoming the second controller of lands, after the regime forces, which control around 60 percent.

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