This Iraqi candidate introduced herself with the weirdest words

Dhi Qar ( An Iraqi candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections has marketed herself with a focus of an irrelevant qualification that won viewers ridicule.

Anwar al-Eweily, a member of al-Fatah electoral coalition, which is led by former components of the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Shia-led force that fought Islamic State militants alongside the government, introduced herself as a holder of an M.A. in contemporary history.

But a line down on her campaign street poster, circulated by Iraqi media, showed her identifying herself as “the cousin of Fares al-Eweily, owner of Eweily Tiers in Syndey, Australia”. She later wrote a few more lines calling upon local constituents in Dhi Qar province to opt for the best to counter corruption.

Erem News website quoted some social media users poking fun at the irrelevance of her cousin’s offshore business to her qualification as a election runner.

“Vote for her, she will make tiers available for everyone,” one user quipped.

“Oh, indeed, I do need new tiers for my car,” another one wrote.

Iraqi parliament elections are slated for May 12th, the first after the country declared victory over Islamic State militants.

News reports have told of massive exchanges of defamation campaigns among competing lists targeting female runners in particular.


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