UNICEF inaugurates office in Basra

UNICEF inaugurates office in Basra

Basra ( The representative of UNICEF announced that more than (1,5) million Iraq child deprived of basic human rights in Basra province.The representative of UNICEF, Marzio Babille, to Iraq stated during the celebration of the inauguration of the mutual office for the United Nations for Childhood and the High Commissioner for Refugees in Basra ”This is a historical occasion for UNICEF in Iraq with the presence of (1,5) million child, who are deprived of their basic human rights, we will managed to ensure our role in supporting the government by setting investment projects that meet the needs of these children.”The National Organization UNICEF has previously mentioned that ”Still in Iraq about (5,3) child deprived from their basic human rights,” calling ”The government and the civil society to take urgent procedures to help there children.” \

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