URGENT: Saddam Hussein’s judge files a judicial complaint against Maliki

The Judge Munir Haddad
Saddam Hussein’s judge Munir Haddad

( Munir Haddad—the judge of the Special Criminal Court known for sentencing former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein—has filed a complaint against the former Prime Minister and current Vice President of the Republic, Nuri Kamal Al-Maliki, and his office manager, Kata Ngyeman Rikabi—known as Abu Mujahid Rikabi.

A copy of the complaint was published by ‘Iraq Times’, a website related to the Shiite cleric Al-Yacoubi and broadcasting from Germany.

This is the second official complaint after a complaint filed by the family of the former governor of Basra, Mohammed Al-Waeli—who was assassinated on September 29th, 2012 by the hands of Nuri Al-Maliki’s Secret Service, funded by both businessmen Abdullah Auaz Jubouri and Essam Al-Asadi—according to Waeli family that filed a judicial complaint against these three.

The complaint of Judge Munir Haddad is considered the first against the Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki after taking his current position. The document explained that Judge Munir Haddad filed the complaint on 26\10\2014 to the Karkh court of investigation against Nuri Kamal Al-Maliki, his office manager Kata Ngyeman Rikabi and General Jawad—General Commander of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces protection and members of the detachment office—who tried to prevent him from entering the court and threatened his life.

Judge Munir Haddad called the investigative judge of Karkh court and the witnesses Naim Abdul-Malik Al-Suhail, Haitham Taher Moses, Lt. Uday Al-Shammari and his bodyguards to register their testimony.

He also called for the issuance of a warrant of arrest against Nuri Al-Maliki, Kata Rikabi and General Jawad for waving assault weapons at his face, and—the referral of the case to the specialized court after completing the investigative procedures.

Haddad stressed the need to be financially and morally compensated as a result of what’s damaged as he was prevented from exercising his profession in the judiciary since 23\3\2010 until now.



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