Ukrainian women join ISIS in Mosul as assassins and medics

 Ukrainian women joined ISIS
Ukrainian women joined ISIS

Mosul ( On Saturday a local official in Mosul revealed that Ukrainian women joined ISIS in the city of Mosul as medics and to carry out assassinations.

The Nineveh council member, Zuhair al-Chalabi said in a statement followed by “a number of Ukrainian women enrolled recently in the ranks of the organization ISIS in the city of Mosul,” noting that “the citizens of the city witnessed one of Ukrainian women, nicknamed Mujahida, in one of the hospitals of Mosul; she speaks the Arabic language with difficulty.”

Chalabi added that “the role of Ukrainian women is limited to medical treatment in addition to conducting the assassination of dissidents and anti-ISIS activists,” wondering about “how they entered the city.”

Noteworthy that security and intelligence sources are talking about the presence of hundreds of European and foreign elements among the organization ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


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  1. Appeal to any Christians volunteering to fight against IS: please do not kill unnecessarily, do not kill if it’s not in defense of life, do not kill Islamic fighters you capture. Just blind them and send them back to their compatriots. This will hamper their manpower and logistics because they will need to care and feed them, or their fighters will become demoralized if the IS leadership orders them not to. They also make poor suicide bombers and IS may not waste suicide vests on these essentially useless fighters. Most importantly, letting them live may allow them to learn (in their solitude, or from human compassion) of the true God who does not like the destruction of the life and intelligence He created — and that includes everyone.

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