US-led coalition airstrike kills 10 civilians in Hasakah

US-led coalition airstrike kills 10 civilians in Hasakah
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Hasakah (Syria News) Ten civilians were killed, while several others were wounded in an air strike, carried out by the international coalition air force, on the southern countryside of Hasakah.

Qasioun News reported, on Tuesday, that the US-led international coalition carried out an air strike on al-Zayanat Village near Markda Town, in the southern countryside of Hasakah, killing 10 civilians, belonging to one family, and wounding several others.

The international coalition directly bombed the civilians’ houses, causing severe damage to the area.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic State group is controlling Markda Town, south of Hasakah since 2014, while thousands of civilians were killed by coalition air strikes that target the terrorist group in Syria.

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