Video: ISIL gunmen fail to burn Palestinian flag before trampling it

( This video shows gunmen from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant trampling upon a Palestinian flag and denouncing it as “a flag of sedition” and a passing fad. Some of the ISIL gunmen attempt to burn the flag before trampling upon it and declaring that “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger” and that they are willing to die for the black flag of Salah al-Din.


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  1. Palestine must not Lean & Rely on UN as UN is at the Foot of US
    US is at the Foot of Israel
    So nothing works from Day 1 . Its all an act of Pretentious
    Hamas must not Fight when Not Military Ready. Its not a Hide & Seek Game It has to be Well Prepare or Don,t
    It is the Failure of Islamic World Not United as the very reasons of all this Happenings
    Above US ,Gorge Bush British , Tony Blair Israel , Benjamin Netanyahu has long plan this
    The invasion of Afgan ,Iraq ,Libya, Syria is to weaken the support to Palestine
    Now they are bringing down Iran & Russia , China will be next on line for them to be in control of all

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