21 Terrorists arrested in Karbala

21 Terrorists arrested in Karbala

Baghdad ( Karbala security forces arrested 21 gunmen who were intending to implement armed attacks against the pilgrims of Karbala province during upcoming Muharrem.

Security source reported to on Tuesday ”The Iraqi Army 17th Division managed to arrest 21 terrorists who admitted their intention to implement terrorist operations by car bombs and emplacing Improvised Explosive Devices on the roads which are used by pilgrims during the religious events during Muharrem in Karbala,” noting that “The detainees confessed about detonating a car bomb in Mahmudiya area.”

”Most of the detainees are working as cab drivers in the province and the security forces are still looking for other wanted individuals referred to by the detainees during their confessions of being involved with them in their crimes,”he added.

”The security forces transported the detainees to the headquarter of the division to be referred to the judicial authorities to get their fair punishment,” the source concluded. \

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