13 mortar shells fall on Kanaan City in Diyala Province

13 mortar shells fall on Kanaan City in Diyala Province
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Diyala (IraqiNews) The Security Media Cell announced, on Thursday, that 13 mortar shells fell, south of Kanaan City, in Diyala Province. It also indicated that a woman was injured due to the attack.

The Cell said in a press statement, “Security forces from Diyala Operations Command are searching for the perpetrators who fired the shells.”

The initial information revealed that the shells that fell on Kanaan city injured a woman, the statement added.

Earlier this year, the Islamic State group launched a number of attacks in Diyala Province. The attacks stirred concerns among the local population in the province.

However, tribal officials in the province vowed to stand with security forces in routing the group’s remnants.

it is noteworthy that the terror attacks were concentrated in areas in al-Waqf basin, Abu Saida and Khanaqin, including Mukhaisa, Abu Khanazeer, Abu Karma, Jalabi and Shaykhi.

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