Mahlawi announces death of top ISIS leader “al-Maqdisi” in Ramadi

Archive Photo
Archive Photo

( Baghdad – On Saturday the commander of Anbar Operations, Maj. Gen. Ismail al-Mahlawi, announced the killing of “Abu Musab al-Maqdisi,” one of the foreign leaders of ISIS in Ramadi.

Mahlawi said in a statement obtained by IraqiNews, “A force from al-Anbar Operations found the body of one of the ISIS leaders during a cleansing operation by Anbar Operations Command north of Ramadi,” adding, “Some devices and clothes were found near the body with some evidentiary items that indicates that they belong to one of ISIS foreign leaders in Ramadi, called Abu Musab al-Maqdisi,” pointing out that, “He was killed during an operation to retake Anbar Operations Headquarters.”

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