16 terrorists killed, 3 vehicles destroyed in Samarra Island, says Defense Ministry

ISIS bodies.Archival photo.
ISIS bodies.Archival photo.

( The spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry Yahya Rassoul announced on Wednesday, that  ISIS gangs have suffered human and material losses during the liberation process of Samarra Island, while pointed out that Fallujah will be liberated soon.

Rassoul said in a press statement followed by “the security forces managed during the early hours today to burn three vehicles carrying mono guns and kill 16 ISIS elements, including a sniper in al-Door area.”

“The liberalization process of Ramadi from the four axes entered the second phase after the completion of the first phase, achieving all the objectives and drawn plans,” Rassoul also added.


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  1. Second phase is thousands of Iraqi troops hide behind shelters a long distance away from ISIS and fire on ISIS with long range heavy weapons. When ISIS runs out of ammunition it is only then that Iraqi forces will start the next phase to advance on ISIS to liberate the area, this like they did at Tikrit, and they will also do at Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul.

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