17 ISIS elements killed in internal dispute over distribution of money in Mosul

ISIS elements. Archival photo.
ISIS elements. Archival photo.

( Dohuk – Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul Saeed Mamouzini announced the killing of 17 ISIS elements in internal armed clashes between two groups belonging to the organization, because of a dispute over the distribution of money and power west of Mosul.

Mamouzini said in an interview for, “A clash broke out today between two parties of ISIS in Baaj region western Mosul on the background of problems because of money distribution and power,” noting that, “the first group was led by Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Afri and the other group was led by Abu Janah al-Musli ” .

Mamouzini added that, “the clashes led to the death of 17 fighters from the two parties,” pointing out that, “the organization is witnessing a state of fragmentation and divisions among its leaders and its elements.”

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