Saturday, August 13, 2022


20 ISIS militants killed, weapons seized by Iraqi forces in Babel

Maj-Gen. Abdel Hussein Al-Biydani

Babel ( On Monday, Maj-Gen. Abdel Hussein Al-Biydani announced that 20 ISIS militants were killed and 4 explosive bomb traps were destroyed in an operation by the Iraqi Army accompanied by the troops from the tribal force.

Al-Biydani informed IraqiNews “The Army forces and the armed volunteers managed to kill 20 ISIS militants in an operation that took place near Jarif Al-Sakher, 35 km north of Babel.”

“Our forces destroyed 4 bomb traps and seized heavy weapons that were being used by the ISIS militants to take over the desert road. The operation was based on specific information and intelligence received by the ourselves.” he said.

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