24 dead, 121 wounded, the final outcome of 2 suicide bombings in Baghdad

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Baghdad – A source in the police announced on Thursday, that the final outcome of two suicide bombings in the capital Baghdad amounted to 24 dead and 121 wounded.

The source said in an interview for, “The final toll of the suicide bombing that took place in Al Wathba Square stood at 11 dead and 57 wounded, while the final outcome of the Haraj market suicide bombing reached 13 dead and 64 wounded.”

The source, who asked anonymity, added: “The security forces have stepped up its deployment in a number of areas of the capital in anticipation of other bombings.”

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  1. Due to so many bombing and for so long some Iraqis had decided to leave Iraq to go live in countries where there are no bombings as there they and their family can live in peace without fear of being killed or injured by the bombings.

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