Over 27 ISIS elements killed, injured in operation targeted ISIS meeting in Qaim

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Thursday, Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the killing and injuring of more than 27 ISIS elements, including top leaders of the militant group, during an aerial bombing that targeted a meeting for ISIS in the city of al-Qaim.

The ministry spokesman, Gen. Saad Moen, stated in a statement received by, “The army’s air force, with coordination with the Falcon Intelligence Cell, conducted an tactical operation against a meeting for ISIS elements in the city of al-Qaim,” pointing out that, “The operation resulted in killing 16 ISIS elements and wounding more than 11 others.”

“Abu Aina’ al-Tunsi, Abu Ismail al-Shami, Abu Talha al-Kharasani, along with Abdul-Rauf, a senior leader within Khurasan group from Pakistan, were among the dead,” the statement read.

The city of al-Qaim is located 350 km west of Ramadi.


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