3 persons injured in armed clash in central Basra

3 persons injured in armed clash in central Basra
Member of the Iraqi police. File photo.

Basra (IraqiNews) An official source in Basra Province informed on Saturday that three persons were injured in an armed clash, near Janabi Garage, in central Basra.

The source said, in a press statement, that an armed clash using knifes broke out, today, with an owner of car accessories shop in Janabi area in central Basra, resulting in the injury of three persons.

The clash was followed by an indiscriminate gun firing, the source added. He further added that the gun firing inflicted damage on the nearby vehicles.

It is noteworthy that lately Basra witnessed a number of attacks, demonstrations and protests. Demonstrations erupted in the province, last Thursday morning, against unemployment, power cuts, a lack of water and the overrepresentation of foreigners in the local oil industry.

Also, a missile was fired, last Wednesday, on an area in Basra Province, the oil and gas hub that houses several global oil companies in Iraq.

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