32 IS fighters, including 3 leaders, killed in airstrikes in western Mosul

Smoke rises after an airstrike, during the battle against Islamic State militants, at the district of al-Mamoun in Mosul, Iraq, March 1, 2017. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani – RTS10XG7

Mosul ( Thirty-two Islamic State members have been killed by the US-led coalition in western Mosul, Iraq’s Military Intelligence Directorate declared on Sunday.

“The international coalition jets targeted IS leaders in Islah al-Zeraie district, in western Mosul,” the directorate said in a statement adding that “the strikes left 32 IS members killed.”

Among the killed members were “ Adnan al-Jabouri, the military leader of the so-called Jaish al-Usra, a subdivision of IS, Abu Assaf, Saudi national, in charge of security and intelligence of Jaish al-Usra and Abu Iyas, Moroccan, in charge of chemical weapons.”

On Saturday, the directorate declared that airstrikes killed three IS officials, including the communications official Abu Huzaifa, Russian national, defense detachments official Abu Tamara, Chechen national and commando official, known as al-Matuni as number of IS foreign leaders were on board of a vehicle in the intersection of 17 Tammuz and Mesherfa districts in west of Mosul.

The international coalition launches strikes against targets that are watched for long time, however, the strikes leave casualties among civilians.

Iraqi troops took over eastern Mosul in January and launched a new offensive to take the western region in February.

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