37 ISIS elements including Asian leaders east of Ramadi

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Archive photo

( al-Anbar – On Tuesday the commander of the army’s eighth brigade Brigadier-General Majid al-Fatlawi announced the death of 37 elements of ISIS including Asian leaders east of Ramadi.

Fatlawi said in a statement obtained by, “Yesterday, fierce battles took place in the eastern axis of Ramadi and resulted in the death of 37 ISIS elements including Asian leaders,” adding that, “The Iraqi Aviation and the international coalition aviation contributed to this operation.”

On Tuesday, Head of Khalidiya District council in al-Anbar province, Ali Dawood, announced the repulse of violent attacks by ISIS on “Tel Mshahydh” east of Ramadi, while indicated to the destruction of four booby-trapped vehicles, in addition to inflicting a massive loss upon the organization.

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