4 persons arrested on different charges in Baghdad

4 persons arrested on different charges in Baghdad
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Baghdad ( Baghdad Operations Command announced, on Saturday, arresting four persons on different charges, in different areas in Baghdad.

Alsumaria News reported that Baghdad Operations Command has arrested four persons in different areas in Baghdad, including a woman who is charges of fraud.

The Command said in a statement that the security forces managed to arrest four persons on charges of terrorism and fraud in different areas of Baghdad, while added that the 44th brigade of the command arrested a person on charges of terrorism in Hay al-Basatin area, northeast of Baghdad.

Furthermore, the Command revealed that the 1st brigade of the Federal Police arrested one person on charges of terrorism in Nahrawan area, south of Baghdad, while arrested another one on same charges in Karada area and a woman on charges of fraud in the area of al-Ghazaliyah.

The Command explained that all the arrested persons were transferred to the competent authorities to receive their punishment.

It is noteworthy that the security forces are arresting several wanted persons on different charges in different areas of the capital, Baghdad.

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