40 ISIS elements killed in Anbar and Salahuddin, says Ministry of Defense

ISIS bodies.Archival photo.
ISIS bodies.Archival photo.

( Iraq’s air force carried out military operation resulted in the death of many ISIS elements and the destruction of their vehicles and their weapons in areas of Qaim Operations, Salahuddin and Samarra.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Tuesday that: “the Iraqi airline Air Force was able to implement five exploratory missions in different areas.”

The statement added: “A joint air strike has been carried out by the army aviation and the air force in the city of Qaim, resulted in the killing of 30 terrorists, and the destruction of a house in which exists a group of foreign suicide bombers, as well as the destruction of a car bomb that was next to the house, “pointing to” the destruction of 3 buildings south of al-Sakra area, one of which is used as a store of weapons. ”

In a related context, the ministry said that the Iraqi Army Aviation carried out an airstrike in Samarra operations between al-khozama and al-Nahwa Street where six terrorists were killed, in addition to destroying a number of ISIS shelters.


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