4000 ISIS killed since start of Mosul operations: commander

Commander of Nineveh Operations, Maj. Gen. Abdullah al-Jubouri

Nineveh ( The number of Islamic State (ISIS) extremists killed since Iraqi security launched operations to retake the city of Mosul in October has reached 4000, a senior commander said.

This is the number of militants killed in battles to liberate Iraq’s second largest city until Tuesday, according to Najm al-Jubouri, commander of Mosul operations, who spoke in a press statement on Wednesday.

Out of that number, 2100 were killed in airstrikes carried out by US-led aircraft, Jobouri added, saying he believed the remaining numbers are probably few, especially with local members escaping battles and foreign fighters saved for future battles in central Mosul.

Iraqi government forces, backed by tribal militias and US-led air forces, have been leading a military campaign to retake Mosul from ISIS since mid October. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Monday during a visit to Mosul’s Hammam al-Alil that two thirds of Nineveh have been retaken from ISIS. Government forces are eyeing the eastern shore of the Tigris River, which cuts through Mosul, so as to consummate the liberation of the eastern region.

ISIS remains in control of some areas of the western section, which is adjacent to its strongholds in Syria. But Al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces are reporting daily advances towards liberating ISIS locations in that region, saying the region had been isolated from Syria, depriving the group of supplies from Syria.

Earlier on Thursday, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service declared it had has so far recaptured 40 out of 56 districts in eastern Mosul from Islamic State militants.

On Wednesday, commander of the US-led coalition against ISIS, Stephen Townsend, said coalition forces killed 180 outstanding ISIS leaders in Iraq and Syria since early October.


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  1. A few days ago US stated it was about 2000. How did they kill so many in a matter of so few days?

  2. I thought Mosul only had 5,000 ISIS members. So only 1,000 members left and over 50,000 Iraqi forces are still slow since they haven’t even taken back a third of Mosul. Why hasn’t they deployed troops by parachuting on top of high buildings for sniping positions and lookouts while thousands more are deployed using parachuting in areas beyond major roadblocks? Why not just overun ISIS using this tactic?

    • The battle is in the second biggest Iraqi city, there is more than 1.5M civilian still living in the city. Also a high percentage of people their are supporting ISIS if they do not fight with them they support them with information about the Iraqi forces locations or give the ISIS fighters shelters in their houses between the families.
      Man the situation is so hard for Iraqi forces to identify the enemy from innocent people, therefor they are moving very careful and slow.

  3. HA HA HA there were 5000 ISIS so you killed 4000 of them, now only 1000 ISIS left and over 100 000 of your coward soldiers and militia backed by extensive air cover Still haven’t taken Mosul? These ISIS must be damn good fighters or must have got help from High above…….

  4. Have any of you ever served in the military? Playing video games has nothing in common with the real world. The real world consists of deception and misinformation, especially when politics are involved. Don’t be in such a hurry to believe what the media puts out there. Unless you have real world military/political experience Stop being armchair quarterbacks.

  5. The military needs to stop publishing obvious lies, its just going to embarrass them later when its summer time and they still haven’t captured Mosul after having supposedly killed 80% of their forces in two months.

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