50 ISIS terrorists control, booby-trap Iraqi Turkmen village of Bashir in Kirkuk

ISIS elements.Archival photo.
ISIS elements.Archival photo.

( Baghdad – The independent MP Niazi Oglu revealed on Tuesday, that approximately 50 ISIS elements dominate the village of Bashir in Kirkuk, noting that the they had booby-trapped all the village buildings.

Oglu said in an interview for, “Bashir, a village with a Shiite Turkmen majority, is dominated by ISIS,” noting that, “Approximately 50 ISIS elements control the village, which has an area of ​​4 square kilometers.”

Oglu said added, “ISIS has booby-trapped all the village buildings and even the cars.”

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  1. and what are the turkish-shities doing while the whole city is booby-trapped? Pulling up a chair with some pop-corn to watch them? Smells like turkey in the kitchen.

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