Aerial bombing in Anbar kills civilians

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Anbar – An official source in Anbar Province confirmed that dozens of civilians were killed in an aerial bombing carried out by military aircraft upon  Qa’im near the Syrian borders.

Member of Anbar Province Farhan Mohamed, said, “Unidentified warplanes, likely belonging to the international coalition aviation, bombed a number of houses in Qa’im city on the Syrian borders.”

“The bombardment targeted the area of al-Sanjek in Qa’im city and resulted in numerous casualties. The bombing was targeting on ISIS headquarters in al-Qa’im but it hit civilian houses situated near the headquarters.” Mohamed added.

On the other hand, a military source in Anbar stated, “The international coalition aircraft conducted air strikes against targets belonging to ISIS in al-Sanjek area and killed a number of ISIS leaders.”

The source added, “The air strikes also targeted the houses of civilians near ISIS headquarters, resulting in the death of 30 persons including women and children, as well as wounding 17 others.”

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