WMC: Airstrike kills 50 IS militants, destroys booby-trapped tank in al-Ba’aj

WMC: Airstrike kills 50 IS militants, destroys booby-trapped tank in al-Ba'aj
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Ba’aj ( Iraqi Ministry of Defense’s War Media Cell announced, on Monday, that 50 members of the Islamic State were killed and a Syrian booby-trapped tank was destroyed by an air strike in al-Ba’aj District, on the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

In a press statement the cell revealed that Iraqi Air Force managed, today, to conduct an air strike on al-Ba’aj District, destroying two hideout belonging to the Islamic State and killing 13-17 militants inside them, in addition to destructing a headquarters belonging to the terrorist group and killing 8 IS members.

Google Maps view of al-Ba’aj District, near Iraq-Syrian borders.

The air strike also destroyed a number of hideouts and security headquarters in the area, killing a number of the IS militants in the same area, the statement explained.

Intelligence sources declared that the air strike resulted in the killing of 50 members of the Islamic State in total, and destructing a Syrian booby-trapped tank, strongholds and security headquarters belonging to the group completely, the statement further added.

Iraqi Air Force and Army Aviation are conducting several air strike on daily basis on the Islamic State headquarters, leaving dozens of casualties among the ranks of the terrorist group.

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