Anti-Terrorism forces repulse ISIS attack near Mosul

Iraqi security forces. File photo.
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

( Nineveh – The Anti-Terrorism forces repulsed an attack launched by the Islamic State group using three booby-trapped motorcycles, east of Mosul, Al Mada Press reported on Sunday.

Al Mada Press stated, “The Anti-Terrorism forces repulsed, before noon today, an attack launched by the ISIS using three booby-trapped motorcycles, while attempting to attack the security forces in Bartella area,” pointing out that, “The security forces detonated the motorcycles before reaching their targets, and killed the suicide bombers who were driving them.”

“The attack did not inflict any losses on the ranks of the security forces,” Al Mada added.

On Thursday, Anti-Terrorism Directorate announced liberating Bartella area, east of Mosul, from the ISIS control, and raised the Iraqi flag over its buildings.

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