Arbaeen security plan launched

Arbaeen security plan launched

Baghdad ( The Office of the Commanding General of Armed Forces, Nouri al-Maliki, declared launching the security plan of Arbaeen pilgrimage and pointed that it will includes deploying new checkpoints that involve commands of operations, Army, Air forces.

The official spokesperson of Baghdad Operations Command, Dhiya al-Wakeel, reported in statement received by on Monday ”According to the instructions of the General Commander of Armed Forces, the Primer Nouri al-Maliki, over providing the highest level of protection for all pilgrims who are heading towards Karbala province.”

The Office of the General Commander of Armed Forces held a wide security meeting that was attended by the Acting Minister of Defense, Saadon al-Dulaimi, the Commander of Maliki Office Lieutenant General, Faruq al-Araji, and the Chairman of the Anti-Terrorism Dept., the Secretary of the Interior Ministry for Supportive forces and Security Affairs. \

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