279 ISIL terrorists killed in Salah-il-Din by ISF

Atta: 279 ISIL terrorists killed in Salah-il-Din

Baghdad ( The security forces declared killing more than (279) terrorists affiliated to what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in Salah-il-Din province and other areas during the past (24) hours.

The official spokesperson of the Iraqi armed forces, Lieutenant General Qasim Atta, declared in a press conference attended by the correspondent of Iraqi News ”The security forces managed to re-control the areas which were occupied by the terrorists.”

”The air forces in coordination with the security forces succeeded in killing (279) terrorists and burned more than (14) vehicles Salah-il-Din province,” he added.

”The ISF managed to kill (30) terrorists and burned seven vehicles in the areas of northern Babel province,” he concluded. \End\

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