Attack on 80 electricity towers in Anbar leaves 2 casualties

Electricity transmission tower.
Electricity transmission tower.

Anbar ( Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced on Thursday, that two members of the engineering teams were killed, in one of the fiercest attacks that targeted 80 electricity transmission towers using dozens of bombs in Anbar Province.

The ministry said in a brief statement that its maintenance teams were attacked by bombs in the area of Albu Bali, east of Ramadi, resulted in the killing of two members of army engineering teams.

The supply line between Fallujah and east of Ramadi was fiercely attacked by terrorists, resulting in the collapse of more than 80 electricity towers, due to the emplacement of large numbers of improvised explosive devices, the statement added.

Spokesman for the ministry, Mossab al- Mudares said that this attack is the third of its type in the few previous days, and pointed out that there is a large number of IEDs between towers No. 71 and 72, and towers No. 70 and 71.

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