Babel police directorate announces its Muharrem’s security plan

Babel police directorate announces its Muharrem\

Babel, Hilla ( The police Department of Babel province announced developing security plan for Muharrem Hijri Month.

The Commander of the police department Brigadier, Abbas Abd Shamran, reported to on Thursday ”The province will be divided into three sectors, the first sector will be providing the protection for the entrances and exits of the province and it will be under the responsibility of the army forces while the police will assume the second sector of the plan to provide the protection inside the city and particularly in the areas of the Husseini processions and finally the intelligence bodies will be as supportive force to the security bodies.”

The Commander of the Traffic Police Directorate, Brigadier Shaker Jabur al-Ma’amuri, confirmed that ”The traffic Police Directorate will adopt the organization of the traffic inside and outside the city specially during the first ten days of Muharrem.” \

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