Baghdad blast kills 1 civilian, wounds 2

Smoke rising after the suicide attack that targeted an army checkpoint in Husseiniya area in Baghdad, July 13.

Baghdad ( One civilian was killed and two others were wounded when an IED exploded south og Baghdad, according to security officials.

The IED went off near a fish market in Madaen, south of the capital.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said recently that violence during November claimed the lives of 926 civilians and wounded 930 people.

Violence surged across Iraq as Islamic State militants captured several Iraqi cities in 2014, and continues even as the group is sustaining defeats during a current wide-scale campaign by Iraqi forces and tribal militias.

Observers believe ISIS have begun to target several areas across Iraq to divert security focus on Mosul, where the group fights to defend its last bastion in Iraq under the brunt of continuous advancements by Iraqi government and popular troops.

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