Baghdadi says IS foreigners free to leave or carry out suicide attacks

Representational photo.

Nineveh ( Islamic State supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has told foreign militants within his extremist group to choose between returning to their home countries or to carry out suicide attacks that shall be rewarded in heaven.

A local source in Nineveh told Alsumaria News Monday that Baghdadi had ordered to close the group’s so-called “troops and migrants bureau”, giving on-Iraqi militant the freedom to choose between returning to their countries or to commit suicide attacks against advancing security forces and, in that case, be rewarded with “72 heaven maids”, as the source put it.

Iraqi government forces, backed by a aircraft and advisers from a US-led military coalition, launched two weeks ago the second phase of a major campaign that started in October to retake Mosul from IS militants. Since then, reports have been recurrent about divisions, infighting and accusations of treason among the group’s leaderships.

Iraqi military and police commanders have said recently they became in control over 90 percent of the eastern region of Mosul, and hope to move onwards to the west, where IS still maintains outstanding strongholds, and where Baghdadi is widely believed to shelter.

On Saturday, Iraqi troops recaptured Mosul University campus, the most remarkable IS stronghold in eastern Mosul.


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  1. So Al Bagdadi is still fooling ignorant Muslims into killing themselves to get laid in heaven???

    This PHD in Islamic studies certainly figured out how to use Islamic teachings for his own benefit…

    • Baghdadi is nothing but Saudi Arabia Wahhabi who are so called Muslims and corrupt people support ISIS/ Daesh. Saudia Wahhabi and their followers are black spot Islam. Western Countries especially USA support ISIS/ Daesh for their benefit.

  2. It is difficult to sell Islam because of the ideologies of baggy daddys of this world and the association with violence that is Islam. I have always wondered why Muslims are taught to hate others who they don’t agree with. Why do they call others kafirs while God created all humans in his own image. Why do Muslims think they are special and others are nothing? Could God in all his wisdom have only created a world for Muslims and Islam? How then can one explain why many people die every year in mecca if God is in the mid of this. I don’t think Islam teaches the truth that is born of God. That is why killing others by commiting suicide is against God’s commandment of though shall not kill and Muslims know this. There are no 72 virgins but an everlasting fire in hell awaiting all those murderers including baghdadi himself. That is truth that none of them want to hear.

  3. As a Christian who believes in salvation by grace. I look at IS as an attempt to bring back the old testament before the law. In many old testament scriptures God told his people to totally wipe out a group of people who were not doing right. Example, they were worshipping false gods. I believe these times were very violent. It is also my understanding that they also believe in the books of Moses and others besides the Quran. In an attempt to get closer to God they are following the most strict form they could find. My belief is that this is the wrong path. But through fear and intimidation they will advance. They believe they are in the last days, and through their martyrdoms they will usher in the final end time battle against Rome. When the prophet Jesus will come back and deliver the last 5000 from certain destruction. This is not what the New Testament teaches. But maybe we are at the end of the church age and are seeing the endtimes unfold before us.

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