Blast near Baghdad leaves 11 casualties

The aftermath of a bomb blast in Baghdad.  File photo.
The aftermath of a bomb blast in Baghdad. File photo.

( Baghdad – Eleven persons were either killed or wounded in the explosion of an improvised explosive device southeast of Baghdad, Al Mada website reported on Sunday.

The Iraqi media outlet stated, “This morning, an improvised explosive device exploded in the Industrial Neighborhood in Basmaya area, southeast of Baghdad, killing two persons and wounding nine other with several injuries.”

“Security forces rushed to the area, and transferred the wounded to Mahmudiyah Hospital to receive treatment and the bodies to the forensic medicine department,” Al Mada added.

It is worth to mention that Iraq is witnessing a surge of violence since 2013, while the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) announced that more than 2162 Iraqi casualties were recorded in different areas of the country in September.

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