Suicide bomber’s corpse exploded inside hospital’s morgue near Baghdad

Suicide bomber's corpse exploded inside hospital’s morgue near Baghdad
A corpse inside a hospital’s morgue.

Baghdad ( A booby-trapped corpse exploded inside a morgue of a hospital in al-Sadr City, east of Baghdad, a security source told Alsumaria on Sunday.

The source said, “A corpse placed inside a morgue in Sadr Hospital, in al-Sadr City, exploded at noon today, causing material losses but no human casualties.”

“The corpse belongs to the suicide bomber who blew himself up, this morning, in Jamila area, east of Baghdad. Explosive material found on the corpse’s abdominal area,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

Earlier today, a suicide attack hit Jamila area, east of Baghdad, leaving seven dead and 15 wounded.

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