Corpses of 54 slain by Islamic State found in Kurdistan region

Representational photo.

Baghdad ( The dead bodies of 54 people killed by Islamic State militants were found in a region of Iraqi Kurdistan, a security official was quoted saying on Saturday.

Mawazin News quoted Colonel Faez al-Hajjaji, chief of Taakhi precinct police, saying that police ran into a mass grave containing the corpses of 54 people killed by Islamic State militants during battles by Iraqi security against IS members to recapture Ouja and Tikrit in the nearby Salahuddin region.

According to Hajjaji, most of the corpses bore signs of gunshots, some beheaded, and belonged to both Iraqis and foreigners.

Iraqi authorities uncovered dozens of mass graves of civilians and security members killed by IS as they gradually regained control over territories occupied by the militants since 2014.


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