Curfew imposed in Tal Afar for unknown reasons: Source

Islamic State militants.

Tal Afar ( Islamic State has imposed curfew in Tal Afar town, located west of Mosul for unknown reasons, a local source from Nineveh was quoted saying.

“IS imposed curfew in Tal Afar on Friday deploying its armed detachments in the town,” the source, who preferred anonymity, told AlSumaria News.

The group, according to the source, “usually imposes curfew when it feels danger, which was repeated several times over the past few weeks.”

On Thursday, powerful blasts reportedly occurred in the town amid heavy shelling by fighter jets. Smoke billows were seen coming out of the group’s so-called Islamic Police headquarters.

The international coalition, led by the U.S. launch air raids in and around the town in order to facilitate the battle for Iraqi troops, which announced earlier this week concluding arrangements ahead of the invasion.

The Iraqi army’s ninth armored division reportedly reached earlier this week to the boundaries of the town. An army official was quoted on Monday as saying that an army division was ordered to leave Mosul toward Tal Afar within preparations to retake the town, which has been set as the next target of operations after victory was declared in Mosul on July 10.

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  1. I will tell you why IS imposed this curfew, because they are scarred!
    They know they are going to be killed and there is not much they can do it.

    Well there is something they can do; Find a male Iraqi fighter and run out in front of him making a lot of noise.
    Remember ISIS no more yelling Allāhu Akbar.
    Remember you are renouncing religious appearances and practices.
    Now hurry up and get your 72 dark eyed virgins!!!

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