Dozens of U.S. military vehicles arrive in western Iraq: source

U.S. soldiers from the 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division gather around an artillery at a military base north of Mosul, Iraq, February 14, 2017. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily

Anbar ( Dozens of U.S. military vehicles have arrived in the American military base in Iraq’s western Anbar province, a security source was quoted saying by local media.

A convoy of more than 60 military vehicles arrived Monday at Ain al-Assad airbase in al-Baghdadi region, Iraqi Kurdish website BasNews quoted the source saying, adding that the convoy was escorted by tight ground security and an air cover.

Reinforcements have been on the rise at the airbase recently, the source said.

Tensions have risen recently between Washington and Iran as the U.S. administration sent bombers and aircraft carriers to the Middle East to counter what it described as potential threats against U.S interests from Iran. Tehran responded with warnings that it was ready to counter American threats.

The uneasy atmosphere prompted a number of Western countries to announce withdrawal of some of their military or civilian workers in Iraq.

Estimates put the number of U.S. troops at Ain al-Assad at 5000.



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