Exclusive document: ISIS admits to suffering great losses in Mosul, justifies communications cutoff


( On Sunday, the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) admitted that the organization has incurred huge losses, that resulted in killing a large number of its militants, and tried to justify the communications cut off in Mosul.

The organization revealed in a statement, issued by its ‘Media Office’ in the state of Niue, that infiltrators within the state do exist, spying for the Crusader alliance, that is conspiring against the Islamic State, noting that they “used various communication devices to provide the enemies with information about the Islamic State,” which caused the State a great loss in lives.

The statement, which was not able to verify, added, “Crusader aviation managed to monitor the Mujahideen phones and track their movements, so the Islamic State decided to cut off all communication and prevented its return.”

Noteworthy, the international coalition aircrafts launch almost daily raids on the ISIS sites, while the media has recently been talking about the cutoff of nearly all communications in the city of Mosul.

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