Falcons Intelligence Cell forces arrest 6 terrorists in Mosul

Falcons Intelligence Cell forces arrest 6 terrorists in Mosul
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Mosul ( The Falcons Intelligence Cell forces announced, on Sunday, arresting terrorists involved in the bombing incident that hit the city of Mosul, ten days ago, leaving many causalities.

The cell revealed in a statement that the remaining ISIS militants are calling the terrorist to pour their hatred on the innocent civilians in the free city of Mosul, where the ISIS militants detonated a car bomb, on the first week of November, in the new Mosul area, leaving a number of casualties.

The statement added that the heroes of the Falcons Intelligence cell managed, within a series of pre-emptive intelligence operations, against the remaining ISIS members in Mosul, to halt the destructive operations of those terrorists in some areas in the city of Mosul, and dismantled 3 terrorist cells, killing some of them and arrested 46 others.

Furthermore, that statement added that after the recent bombing in Mosul, the Falcons Intelligence Cell followed up the threads of this crime, and managed to monitor the terrorists and arrested them, while pointed out the information about the terrorists will be announced later.

It is noteworthy that three persons were killed while nine others were injured on Thursday 8 November 2018, in a booby-trapped vehicle blast, near one of the restaurants, in the right coast of the city of Mosul.

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